Wayland's Town Planner, Sarki Sarkisian, gave an excellent presentation at the ZBA hearing on Wednesday night, highlighting problems with the design of the Monster 40B apartment complex. Click on this link to download a copy: www.protectwayland.org/download-documents

Key points Sarki highlighted:

  • The 100' "inner riverfront area" and 200' "outer riverfront area" are shown on the existing site / building plan. This shows how much of the property is covered by the Wetlands and Rivers Protection Acts.

  • Much of the property is also covered by FEMA A and Wayland flood zones. Sarki included an important document that we were not aware of -- describing flooding that occurred at Camp Chickami in 2013, with photos. Zieff's plan would fill in flood zone areas, which would exacerbate flooding problems upstream and down. This is not permitted by the WPA / RPA.

  • Existing draining pipes under the property have not been adequately identified, and there is no management plan.

  • Sarki provides details on the R40 zoning in this area and the New England style of all of the buildings, including the nice Victorian home that would be torn down. He compares this to the massive design of Zieff's apartment complex, which is nearly 500 feet long.

Please send Sarki a 'Thank You' email for this great presentation: SSarkisian@Wayland.ma.us

Mark Hays for ProtectWayland.org