Zieff's team presented their 'traffic study' at the September and October ZBA hearings. Guess how fast you drive during the peak of the morning commute into Boston on Route 20? Stop-and-go? 5 mph? Nope. They claim that your average speed is 27 to 28 mph, and 45% of drivers are breezing along at 30+ mph !!! Anyone who commutes into Boston knows how wacky this is. Photos of the typical commute are include below.

ProtectWayland analyzed their traffic study and the 'peer review' the ZBA commissioned, and found major errors and omissions in both. We also discovered why the speed calculations were so off; they used the wrong equipment. Click on this link to see our report:


If you are concerned about more traffic in Wayland, please attend the big ZBA hearing on the Monster, Wednesday, 29 November, 7pm at Wayland High School. Everyone who doesn't want more cars on Route 20 and more cut-through traffic should be there.

Here are photos of the actual speed during the morning commute:

Name:  10.18.2017 - 7.35am - Route 20 east bound - 2 to 3 mph - 800 x 823.jpg
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Name:  10.31.2017 - 6.45 in front of Temple Shir Tikva - 800 x 823.jpg
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Name:  10.12.2017 - less than 5mph - 800 x 823.jpg
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Name:  10.12.2017 - eastbound next to Mahoneys - 800 x 823.jpg
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