OARS, the organization that protects the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord rivers, delivered a powerful letter to the Wayland ZBA opposing the Monster / Cascade 40B apartment complex.

Click here to view the letter: OARS letter to ZBA on Cascade Wayland - 10.27.2017.pdf

The Executive Director of OARS, Alison Field-Juma, noted:

"The applicant has requested a waiver from the Wayland Stormwater and Land Disturbance Regulations (Chapter 193) and from the Wetlands and Water Resources Protection Regulations (Chapter 194). We strongly recommend that these waivers not be granted."

"... it is evident that there is major fill that would be added to create the septic field, much of which would be within the 100-year flood zone (WPA Bordering land subject to flooding, 175 elevation) and the 200-foot Riverfront Areas... By filling the floodplain on the Northeast side of the brook, this will extend the floodplain on the Southwest side of the brook and/or increase the velocity and scouring of the floodwater. This proposed filling is so far out of the bounds of what would be allowed that it should simply be rejected."

"In conclusion, under the multiple state environmental protection rules discussed above, this project should not proceed further through the Comprehensive Permit process."

We thank OARS and Executive Director Field-Juma for this well written letter, which details key reasons the Wayland ZBA should reject the Monster / Cascade plan.

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