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Thread: YMCA letter highlights risks to children at Camp Chickami

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    Default YMCA letter highlights risks to children at Camp Chickami

    The president of the West Suburban YMCA recently sent a letter to the Wayland Zoning Board of Appeals, highlighting risks the Cascade / Monster apartment complex would create for hundreds of children at Camp Chickami:

    "We believe the proposed development and its design pose current and future risks to Camp Chickami and our related property... Much of the data provided in the application is incomplete, lacks appropriate test results of soils, and lacks detailed or sufficient management plans for storm water and wastewater."

    A copy of this letter is attached for your review. This is clearly not the place for millions of gallons of sewage. For more info see:

    Please send an email to every family you know in Wayland, and let them know about this problem.

    YMCA Camp Chickami Wayland ZBA Cascade Concerns 09252017.pdf
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    Default What goes around comes around

    I am an (almost) 30-year resident of Wayland, and I will say right off that I moved here because it was semi-rural, did not have large developments, and had a small-town feel. I bought a 200+ year-old house near the center of town with horses next door and there were places to hike and for kids to play.

    In 2006, I stood outside the high school with a sign begging the town not to build a shopping center (the Town Center development) 100 yards from my house. I was ignored there, other than one woman who said "Why don't you move?". Then the town voted to allow the Center, apparently more motivated by the prospect of a too-small Stop and Shop, a Verizon Store, a gym and two bars, than they were keeping the country feel of the town.

    Now I'm supposed to support another neighborhood who doesn't want to have Arlington built around their house. Guess how motivated I am to help them out with my support?

    Angela Lordi
    Bow Road

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