Please join us Tuesday, 22 August for the first Wayland Zoning Board of Appeals hearing on the Monster apartment complex. 7:30 sharp in the large hearing room in the Town Building!

We will have some Monster signs that people can hold up in the back of the room. Tonight's session will probably focus on a review of the 40B process and Zieff's proposal. We will save presentations of our main objections for later sessions.

Remember: this is the first in a series of ZBA hearings. Be ready to return! This isn't a one-round fight!

For more information see: Two PDF documents are also attached, that describe the enormous size of this apartment complex, and the environmental risks. Please email to join our mailing list for updates and info.

PW - Monster would be the largest building in Wayland - for email - 8.22.2017.pdf

PW - The Monster - Environmental Impacts - v1b - for email - 8.22.2017.pdf