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Thread: Most home security systems are easy to hack!

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    Default Most home security systems are easy to hack!

    Do you have a home security system? It is probably very vulnerable.

    If you have a home security system, you may feel fairly secure with motion sensors, cameras, alarms and 24x7 monitoring.

    Unfortunately, most existing system should be replaced; researchers discovered that leading manufacturers have been using 1980's wireless technology that can easily be spoofed, jammed and defeated. See:

    This led to class action suits against ADT, Samsung etc.

    The problem is that wireless signals
    sent to / from these security systems and their sensors, key fobs, cameras, etc. are transmitted in the clear, without encryption. It is easy to hack the wireless signals and 'replay' them to unlock a door or turn the system off, jam the receiver, create a flurry of false alarms, etc.

    Marketing hype: All of the vendors I contacted claimed that their systems use "the military grade 319.5MHz" frequency to "secure" wireless signals. When I dug into the details, it turned out that they are using this old military frequency but not encryption. So if you hear this line, buyer beware.

    The solution? Get a newer system that uses standard wireless encryption -- just like every WiFi router in homes across the US. Yep, it is amazing that home security vendors have not implemented the same wireless encryption technology that WiFi routers have been using for 16 years!

    I searched for updated systems that include encryption but could find only one:, which is now owned by Tyco / Johnson Controls. Look for Visionic's "PowerG" product line; a couple of brochures are attached. Here is the online distributor that appears to have the most stock in the USA: If you find other home security vendors that offer wireless encryption, please post a reply.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I have no connection to any home security vendors or their competitors, by the way.

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