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Thread: Flash Player: A Major Security Risk at Wayland Public Schools:

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    Default Flash Player: A Major Security Risk at Wayland Public Schools:

    To Wayland families, students and teachers:

    Wayland Public Schools uses the Adobe Flash Player, which is installed on every Mac and Windows computer. This is a major security risk, which we reviewed last spring with the WPS technology team. We also provided extensive documentation from industry experts. This problem has not been addressed, however, which puts confidential records at risk covering thousands of current and former WPS students, families, teachers and staff.

    Attached is a copy of the letter I sent to the Wayland School Committee, asking them to take action. Also attached is a copy of the latest Department of Homeland Security / CERT report, listing dozens of new flaws in Flash Player.

    I am posting this information so that Wayland families are aware of the risks associated with education apps that use Flash. Your private data is at risk. It would be wise to find alternatives that do not depend on this outdated technology.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Mark Hays

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    Remove Flash Player from your computer too!

    I should have mentioned that it would be a very smart move to remove Flash Player from your own computer, Windows and Mac. Flash creates the same high risk for individual users. In case the DHS / CERT notice was not convincing, attached are recommendations from industry experts.

    If anyone tells you, "That's not a problem. I keep Flash updated and install security patches immediately," this is a common misconception. Extreme (level 10) flaws are announced publicly for Flash Player month after month, with patches from Adobe. Behind the scenes, hackers are aware of many of these flaws for weeks or months before a patch is announced. In short, you are constantly vulnerable with Flash Player -- and so is Wayland Public Schools.

    You will find that most websites function just fine without Flash Player. Google, Facebook, YouTube, the NFL and many other leading websites switched to newer HTML 5 technology more than a year ago. Today, there is no reason to use Flash -- and a host of reasons not to.

    Please let me know if you have any questions:
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