Another fake email scam is making the rounds in Wayland, which will appear to be an email from someone you know with a bogus link to a Dropbox file. An example is shown below.

If you ever receive a message like this, NEVER click on the link. In particular, NEVER open an attached ZIP file, which often contains malware.

These messages will appear to come from someone you know because the malware harvests all of the victim's email addresses, and automatically broadcasts more copies of the scam using the victim's name.

This scam is particularly clever: If you reply and ask the 'sender', "Did you really send this email to me?", the hacker's system will jump in and reply with something like this, "Yes, this email is legit. I would appreciate your feedback." So, NEVER click on the link! It is a complete scam!

If you received one of these emails and clicked on the link, please contact me. I will be happy to help, pro bono of course:

There are many variations. For more info see:

June, 2016:


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