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Thread: WHS computers missing critical security patches again -- and how to check yours

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    Default WHS computers missing critical security patches again -- and how to check yours

    An important message to students at Wayland High School and their parents:

    We recently discovered that critical security patches have not been installed on the Macs used by Wayland High School students. Macs used by teachers, counselors and staff may also be affected. This is a major risk to the privacy of your data, and a recurring problem. Here is how you can check the status of your Mac:

    1. Check the version of Flash Player: This is the most bug ridden and insecure Web app on the market, but WPS continues to use it. Security patches are constantly being released. This Adobe web page will automatically check the version of Flash Player running on your Mac: Click on the orange "Check Now" button. If your Mac needs to be updated a menu like this will appear:

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      If your Mac needs to be updated as of 19 April, it is missing at least 21 "extreme risk" security patches that would allow a hacker to take complete control over your Mac via the internet.

    2. Check for other missing updates: Open the App Store then click on the "Updates" button at the top. If any updates are available, they will be listed below. For example:

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    ​For more info see: In March we found WHS Macs with old versions of OS X, firmware that was two years out of date, etc. etc.

    If you find that updates have not been installed, please notify Dr. Paul Stein, Superintendent of WPS and Nan Balmer, the Wayland Town Administrator. They manage computer security in Wayland:

    Unfortunately, this is a recurring problem -- so it is a good idea to recheck your Mac at least once a month. Let Dr. Stein and Ms. Balmer know if updates are missing.

    This is a basic computer security and management process that should have been fixed by now. Missing security patches led to the breaches in the Wayland Treasurer's Office in January of 2015.

    Please let us know if you have any questions:

    Mark Hays

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