Some good news for the Wayland community!

We met this week with Ellen Grieco (Chair of the School Committee), Jeanne Downs (member of the School Committee), Dr. Paul Stein (WPS Superintendent) and Leisha Simon (WPS Director of IT), to discuss our concerns regarding data security and privacy for Wayland students and families.

The time and attention they offered was very helpful. We agreed to create a new "WPS IT Policy / Tech" group. This should result in a process that includes standard project plans, budgets, dates, review, deliverables, reports and transparency.

We hope that our next post on WEN and article for the Town Crier will be a joint report on the progress we are making together, to protect Wayland's confidential data and avoid costly data breaches.

Please let me know if you have any questions:

Mark Hays
Wayland Computer Privacy Initiative