While having lunch with a friend at Panera in Wayland on Jan. 14th my wallet was stolen from my purse. My purse was hanging on the back of the chair with my coat over it. Other than stepping away to get a cup of water, someone was always at the table. I share this story as so many of us dine at Panera, leave phones, computers, purses and other personal items on the table/chairs as we step away to get food or a drink. I thought perhaps I left it at the front counter, but there wasn’t any sign of it. Later I found out within 40 minutes of me sitting down to have lunch my credit cards were being used at Target in Watertown. I hope this is a one-time incident for our popular spot, but wanted to share my experience and hopefully prevent it from happening to anyone else. The management at Panera was great and reviewed video at the counter to help figure out what might have happened. The police say it is likely a group of thieves who target Panera restaurants and Whole Foods. Please take care and be mindful of your belongings.