I was shocked to read about Michael Patterson not excepting his reappointment to the CPC Mr Patterson has devoted Twenty years of dedicated service to the town and also his country he flew 313 combat missions over Vietnam.As a Vietnam Veteran My self with twenty years in the Us Navy there is a certain sense of pride among veterans of all branches and of all wars .Mr Patterson came under intense questioning by the board of selectmen. because he would not agree to the legal opinion of town counsel
and of the special counsel concerning the turf field at the high school.He felt
that it was in his best interest to step aside .Mike will be sorely missed on the CPC Many Thanks again Mike for your fathfull and dedicated service to the town .
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A Problem is looming on the horizon Volunteers are seldom appreciated and the good ones are being abused .And it will be that people won,t won,t run for office or want to serve on boards and committees things have got to change the town has become very divided on many fronts weather it is the town center /landfill or a high school project some boards function very well and others don,t i won,t mention any specific board or committee but you know who you are . But lets treat everyone with dignity and respect and stop the bickering amongst our selfs .