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Thread: Two scams targeting Wayland: "You won a prize!" and "Your computer is infected!"

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    Default Two scams targeting Wayland: "You won a prize!" and "Your computer is infected!"

    Two more scams are targeting Wayland and surrounding communities, based on the relative incomes in our area:

    (1) Your computer is infected!
    Someone calls from "Windows technical support" to notify you that your computer is infected with viruses and malware! Typically the caller will have a heavy accent, but not always. They read off your name, address and telephone number to "confirm" your identity. Then they ask you to press the Windows and "R" keys to run a utility on your computer to "find the viruses". Finally, they ask the victim to send a fee for their "service" via Paypal. The script is sophisticated and can sound convincing. For more info see:

    Scammers like these work as a team and often call a list of people in an area, so they are probably working the Wayland / Boston metro region. We have received a dozen of these calls over the past two months. If you receive one allegedly from Microsoft, Symantec, "Homeland Security", etc., hang up -- or have some fun and play along for a while.

    (2) You won a prize! Ford Explorer! $25,000! Flat screen TV!
    The "Global Travel" team is back in Massachusetts and dialing for dollars. They are operating out of Mansfield, the same town they used last year when hundreds of letters were sent with fake "US Airlines" logos. I sent copies to the MA Attorney General and the District Attorney. This year they shifted to phone calls and emails. A PDF copy of the latest pitch is attached below along with last year's letter, and warnings from AARP, the Better Business Bureau, Fodors and US Airways. I also have copies of the suits filed by the Attorney Generals in New Jersey, Ohio and Iowa -- let me know if you would like a copy:

    Global Travel - Confirm email - anonymized.pdf
    2014 US Airlines mail - anonymized with notes.pdf
    AARP notice - 2012.pdf
    BBB notice - 2012.pdf
    Fodors notice about scam - 2011.pdf

    If you received a call from this scam group, please let Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey know. The AG's office may take action, like the Attorney Generals in Iowa, Ohio and New Jersey, if enough Massachusetts citizens complain. Here is the contact info:

    Attorney General's Office
    One Ashburton Place
    Boston, MA 02108-1518
    Phone: (617) 727-2200
    TTY: (617) 727-4765

    You can also file a complaint online at:

    I hope this is helpful.

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    An update re the Global Travel scam: I sent emails and letters to Attorney General Healey's office, Governor Baker's office and the offices of Katherine Clark, US House rep for Wayland (5th District) and Joseph P. Kennedy III, US House rep for Mansfield (4th District). The letters included copies of the evidence I collected and were sent via UPS Express to make sure they were noticed.

    The result: Zero response so far. Even though Attorney Generals in four other states took legal action, our representatives do not appear to be concerned.

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    An update - no action from Attorney General Healey or Governor Baker: I received a letter last week from Attorney General Healey's office, saying that they had not received enough complaints to warrant any action, despite all of the documentation I forwarded and the successful action by four other AGs nationwide. From Governor Baker's office, not a word, despite a FedX package full of documentation.

    This has to make you wonder what is needed to prompt appropriate action by elected officials in Massachusetts.

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