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Thread: Maybe Online Voting Isn't A Pipe Dream After All

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    Default Maybe Online Voting Isn't A Pipe Dream After All

    "A team of British and American researchers have developed a hacker resistant process for online voting called Du-Vote. The technique could theoretically allow citizens to securely cast online ballots in public elections, even if their computer is infected with malicious software.

    The development is be a significant step forward for the prospect of secure online voting, one of those ideas that seems like a no-brainer until you start thinking about how to ensure that the system couldn't be tampered with. (Say what you like about paper ballots, at least they can be recounted.)

    The specific method used by Du-Vote, however, is clearly a first-generation prototype that's cumbersome and thus possibly not well suited for general use."

    - from ReadWrite

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    This strikes me as not very different than using the sort of SecureID token that many of us for work, or the Google Authenticator or Symantec VIP or other two-factor authentication that we use for our bank accounts and credit cards on our phones. Sounds like a natural next step.

    I think sending everyone physical code generators seems both expensive and problematic (e.g., their batteries do die, which would be problematic on election day, unless the plan is to repeatedly send these out prior to elections proactively well ahead of when they might die) I wonder why they can't (or haven't) taken advantage of existing code generators like the ones I mentioned (though I suppose you do have the issue that not everyone has a cell phone -- I just wonder whether there's a way to take advantage of the fact that most people do).

    But in any event, glad to hear that the experts in gaining comfort with security options, and that useable solutions could be in our immediate future.

    Thanks for posting this.


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