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    The concussion issue is a real issue and a concern for all parents. The recent piece in the WVN newsletter is shameful. The study of the long term implications of a concussion and repeated concussions needs to be scientific and document findings in a responsible way. Tom Sciacca, who has been at the forefront of this issue by sharing popular media on the topic, has done a great deal of damage to his credibility and seriously damaged the work that has been done in Wayland on concussions.

    In his most recent WVN posting he, and I quote, wrote "But one high school student told WVN that, while all kids take the course, they really don't take it very seriously.". What kind of analysis/data review is the conclusion he presents based on a discussion with one high school student?

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    I believe his writing is intended to use data as a drunk uses a street-light - for support, not for illumination.


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