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Thread: Town Administrator Disaster

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    Default Town Administrator Disaster

    It's been nearly a year since the Board of Selectmen broke the Open Meeting Law, posting an agenda that didn't properly notify the public (or even all of its own members) and proceeded (despite documented past experience that should have taught them not to vote on an item when there was a lack of clarity over the agenda) to fire Fred Turkington.

    At that meeting, the distinctly brief discussion of this firing included the assertions that this was most fair to the Town and most fair to Fred Turkington.

    Both of these assertions have been shown to be false.

    Fred Turkington remains to this day in search of the his next Town Administrator job. Every interview starts with the question of what happened here in Wayland. It did not need to be this way.

    And the Town of Wayland remains to this day in search of its next Town Administrator. The first search was a failure after the selected candidate mysteriously realized that the job in Wayland would actually require relocating to Massachusetts, a fact that could not possibly have been lost on the candidate when he applied. It did not need to be this way.

    During this year, the Town has spent considerably more than budgeted on a Town Administrator having to pay for Turkington's salary, an interim Town Administrator's salary, an acting Town Administrator's salary, legal fees, Town Administrator search fees. Additionally, we've had deal with the difficulties related to having had an inadequate transition. The Town has taken a reputation hit.

    It's nearly a year later, and all involved are still paying.
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    Yes Kim, but whoever's tail Fred stepped on now feels vindicated, so that justifies it all, no?

    Personally, I think we should hire Fred back. He did a great job, and this town is (clearly) worse off without him.

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    Default Maybe some progress


    From the article:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Wicked Local
    At a previous meeting where selectmen discussed their top picks, Turkingtonís firing from Wayland was discussed and chalked up to political infighting from new members of a board of selectmen who were hired in the town.
    Selectman Joe Roach previously said he contacted people in Wayland to gather some information.
    "Just because this gentleman may have cracked a few eggs may have made some people mad at him," Roach said. "It doesnít bother me. Iím looking for someone to come in here and hit the ground running."

    At the same meeting, town administrator screening committee member Paul Pietal said Turkington was let go at the first meeting with the new board of selectmen in Wayland.

    "Our members talked with people in Wayland and the general consensus in Wayland is, ĎI wish we could get him back,í" Pietal said.

    While he said the screening committee purposely did not name their top pick for the town administrator position, committee member Dave Fixler told selectmen at that meeting his personal opinion was Turkington was a little above the others, particularly because Wayland was similar to Sharon and there would be very little learning curve for him.
    "The circumstance of him leaving that job was purely political. My understanding is the group that got rid of him has been voted out and they still donít have a town administrator there," Fixler said.

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    Default Nearly there...

    It's been nearly a year since the controversial Town Administrator firing last year, but Wayland is finally negotiating a contract with a new Town Administrator, and Fred Turkington is finally negotiating one to be a new Town Administrator elsewhere.

    I wish a productive, collegial working environment, and the very best of luck to both Nan Balmer and Fred Turkington. I hope they will both do well in their new positions.


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