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There was one counted vote, and that count was 32-175. Counting that many votes simply does not take that much time. All the other votes were uncounted. (Details of the Town Meeting are online here.)

Attendance for the night was 343, considerably higher than we had at the end of Night 4 (better for democracy). Further, articles considered after 11pm are simply not going to get the attention they deserve. If people just want to get it over with and go home, we're not doing justice to the items under consideration.

Most babysitters are high school students with curfews. It is unreasonable to expect them to babysit to unconstrained hours on school nights. While payment may be by the hour, availability is another factor. It would be completely unreasonable to expect sitters to stay until midnight or later.

It is also unreasonable to expect people who have to commute to work (often quite early) the next day to stay until limited hours either. Having Town decisions made at those hours essentially asks them to be made only by that subset of the community that is available then, an even more unrepresentative subset than those who attend Town Meeting at all.
I wholeheartedly agree that Town Meetings can and should be more efficient. That doesn't make "if we continue to have 5 or 6-night town meetings" an accurate premise.