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    Default Are you experienced?

    Not only the name of a classic Jimi Hendrix album from many years ago, this is also the question our incumbents are asking of the new candidates running for Selectman and School Committee this year. The incumbents tout their own experience as reason enough to vote for them.
    However, many of the foibles and costly mistakes that have occurred under these incumbents are worth having us ask if we really want to experience that again.

    Because there are no term limits in Wayland, our SC Chair is able to run for a fourth term after being on that committee for 9 years. During that 9 years:
    • She voted to close Loker School
    • The SC had $750,000 surplus that year, so they didn't need to do it for the money
    • The SC laid off 7 teachers in a year they have $1.2 million surplus
    • The Abrahams report discovered: "...a risk for the set up of a false vendor and the misappropriation of assets." "...there is no independent verification that what is paid out by the Town is based on the actual dollar amounts invoiced and that the check is to the actual vendor on the invoice etc." "This situation is a significant internal control risk that presents the potential for misappropriation of assets. ", among other things. See the Abrahams Report for more details.
    • Illegal bank accounts were discovered by an audit called for by citizens, not the School Committee.

    Then we have two "incumbents" for the BOS. I use quotes, because technically the long time FinCom member running for the BOS is not an incumbent to that board. However, both of them have been at the helm for close to a decade. In that decade, we saw:
    • Free Cash grow to levels that were welll beyond FinCom guidelines.
    • This was discovered by citizens groups, and both incumbents vociferously opposed giving this back to tax payers
    • $6,000,000 put into OPEB over a 4-year period that the FinCom did not know about and that was never authorized by the town. How do you not notice the movement of 6 million dollars?
    • The recent Wastewater mess which got us on the local Boston news, as some are asked to pay enormous sewer bills
    • Each of these incumbents was the liaison from the respective board to the Wastewater commission.
    • A $1.2 million dollar judgement against the town, in favor of the developers over the Wastewater issues.
    • Lots of other stuff that I don't have time to list, but think back - I'm sure you can think of a few.

    This is not intended as an insult to the incumbents. These are just the facts. Like it or not these things happened under their watch. They have also done some good things, of course, and there are plenty of places to learn about those. They can be proud of their many accomplishments.

    But, this type of experience is not what we need right now. We need new, smart, accomplished people who can work together well as a board, without all the nasty bickering we've seen lately. We need new ideas, fresh perspective.
    It's time for a change.

    The LAST thing we need is more of the experiences we've had over the last decade.

    That's not the only reason Im voting for Gossels, Shapiro and Segal for BOS and Obar for SC.
    I'm also voting for them because each of them has a lot to offer and has the potential to get the town back on track.
    Check out their websites for more information.
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