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Thread: Are you experienced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Dieffenbach View Post
    John, you asked, "Who’s complaining about the tax increase?" Kim's response looked to me to be a direct answer to that question from you.
    Not to beat a dead horse, but it was not me who brought it up. My question was asked for that purpose. She brought it up and implied that it was a concern of mine. It wasn't. In a later post, she identified it as one of my points. It wasn't. I don't know why she's implying that I have some concern about the tax increase when I never said that I do.
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    John, Kim isn't saying that you first raised the issue. You asked who was complaining about the 10% increase--she took that literally as a question you were raising, and responded.

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    Interesting how John seems to have made the subject of this discussion whether or not we're having a discussion. It would seem to be more productive to accept the addition to the topic as valid, and at least try to offer some insight into why the points raised are either correct or incorrect. I believe this debate technique is called "diversion", and is used when a debater has been driven to a corner where they have no response to the point raised.

    Either that, or I've just read a rather amusing Monty Python sketch.


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