Tomorrow is election day -- I write to urge my fellow citizens to vote for Jeanne DOWNS for School Committee on April 1st. Jeanne is a magnificent mix: Her upbringing, education, career, and extensive volunteering compose a sound blueprint for how one should prepare to serve on the SchoolComm. She grew up observing her mother serve on the School Board selflessly. Later, through her banking and auditing career, Jeanne learned the financial skills to analyze budgets with twin eyes on excellence and frugality. The length and intensity of her volunteering in Wayland are almost peerless. She has held senior positions in Wayland PTOs for over 10 years, including president of the High School PTO. I am most impressed with her leadership of the Wayland Junior Warriors Swimming program. With over 150 middle school athletes, dense schedules, and numerous tournaments, this program requires a weighty management and time commitment that has revealed both Jeanneís dedication to the Town and her extraordinary organizational skills.

Moreover, Jeanne invokes a pleasant and purposeful leadership style that enhances teamwork and will resonate with the current leaders in our school system. Letís elect DOWNS for School Committee April 1st.

Christopher H. Reynolds
Draper Road