Although Wayland Safety Day and Shelter Drill is on the news calendar, I wanted to let people know why they should go to the Middle School next Saturday 3/22 between 10-2. Wayland does a shelter drill only every few years, and as most of us are aware, the weather seems to be more extreme and erratic, and Wayland is prone to flooding and outages. This year, we are truly fortunate to have some major preparedness folks coming. There are seven people from FEMA Corps that are flying in for this event. We will have a meteorologist from National Weather Service Tauton there as well. There are representatives from MEMA, and a veterinarian from SMART. Locally, we will be assisted by Regis nursing students, the fire and police departments. Wayland CERT and MRC are running the event for this Mock Blizzard Shelter Drill and Safety Day. There will be CPR, first aid and safety demos, as well as a wealth of information . Raffle prizes and snack. Learn how your family and pets can be prepared for emergencies. Hope to see you there!