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Thread: Wayland slammed in April Issue Boston Magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl Rosenblatt View Post
    Jeff - your words ring true around many of the posted accusations that have been made in John's various transparent accusations. Lots of generalizations, little evidence, and no examples. He's even gone so far as to put an anti-SOS link on his transparent website publicly smearing the intent and actions of the majority of Wayland residents (given the most recent election results, I feel comfortable stating that the SOS leanings are in fact "majority"). It's truly sad that Julie and John feel justified in tearing Wayland down by inferring that there are "mean girls" in town who make living here unpleasant. I don't know - I've been here for almost 20 years, put two kids through the public schools (one on track to be a lawyer, the other a doctor) and haven't felt the exclusion OR shame that Julie feels runs rampant here. Yes, I'm male, and yes, I work full time, but I do live here, and like John says, don't have to be a Mom to make observations. Oh well - chalk this one up to another "us vs. them" controversy I guess.
    Carl, I don't think Julie thinks it "runs rampant". Everywhere you go, you'll find people who are unkind, so running across a few anywhere should be no surprise. But she certainly doesn't see it as the majority.

    From the article: (my emphasis)

    Quote Originally Posted by from Boston Magazine Article
    Close friends of ours who are considering a move from the South End with their one-year-old daughter are understandably hesitant after hearing the topic of this article. “I already see hints of that in my neighborhood,” Jenn says. “Do I really want to deal with it in the suburbs?” I assure her that the majority of women I know are not like that. And really, aren’t we going to outgrow such juvenile behavior anyway? I’ve taken comfort in that thought…or at least I did until a few weeks ago, when a friend sent me a New York Times article titled, “Mean Girls in Assisted Living.”
    As I saw posted on Wayland Transparency, quoting Winston Churchill: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something in your life." We aren't all going to be friends with everyone.

    "Enemies" goes a little far, I'd much rather not have those - though sometimes when, as John notes, you stand up for things, it's hard to avoid. I don't think I know anybody that everybody likes, or, for that matter, anybody who likes everyone. I know plenty of nice people, and a few I'm not so crazy about. I'm friends with many of the former, and the latter - not so much. And that's just part of life.
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