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Thread: BOS Responses to the Attorney General's Questions

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    Post BOS Responses to the Attorney General's Questions

    The Board of Selectmen has released their responses to the Attorney General's questions posed as part of their inquiry into the August 26 termination of Fred Turkington's contract. These are attached below:
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    Now that Doug has resigned, it becomes clear to me that the big problem in the BOS is Mr. Collins. Reading his response above shows his cards quite clearly. He is not a representative of the town, he is a representative of his own agenda. It is unfortunate that Doug resigned for health reasons - I wish him the best, and a full and speedy recovery. It would be nice if Ed followed Doug's lead and had the good sense to resign as well. As for Tony, his response is what many would refer to as "lawyering up". Plausible denial with no discussion. My personal view of this is that he is not relating the full story, and that there is flames behind the smoke. A resignation by him would be welcome as well. The town has a chance now to select a replacement for Doug who will truly represent what is in the best interests of the town. Let's not let apathy prevent us from doing the right thing.


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