He asked me to get a copy of this to Mr. Smith and Mr. Hill. I do not know either of these gentlemen so I thought they might see it if I posted it here:


Thank you for your suggestion.

However, as you are no doubt aware, the BOS does not typically respond to
comments made during public discussion. It is not a rigid rule. Had Mr. Hill
confined his remarks on "spending" to the alleged effects of the termination
of the Town Administrator's contract. to his unsubstantiated interpretation
"as a matter of Law" of the "without cause" provision of that contract, or
even to his demand about the school budget (which in any event the BOS do
not control), I would not have commented on his offerings, whatever I
thought of them, as I did not comment during other presentations on the 9th
and 16th, including written submissions. My remark -- "outburst" according
to Mr. Smith -- was directed specifically to the unique aspect of his
presentation, namely to his ill-founded, ignorant, and blatantly untrue
remarks concerning the recent "judgment" in favor of Twenty Wayland and
against the town and the Wayland Wastewater Management District Commission.

First, neither Boschetto, nor Collins, nor Leard is in any manner
responsible for that debacle. They inherited the current problem from
predecessors. In addition, proceedings have not yet concluded in the trial
court, there is no final judgment yet, so an appeal is not ripe, and there
are currently pending post-trial proceedings. Mr. Hill knows full-well how
to consult this information, if he chooses to do so. Apparently, he has
not. Further, the case in its present posture, involves two aspects: there
is the issue of damages for breach of contract -- that's the $1.2 million
figure, but there is also a specific performance issue, that is, the town &
WWMDC might have to provide Twenty Wayland with capacity to treat 45,000
gallons of wastewater per day. That might cost an amount that makes the $1.2
million damages judgment look small, and involves ongoing complex
negotiations with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
with a view to the containing or eliminating of such costs. The Board of
Selectmen (and Boschetto, Collins, and Leard in particular, along with
others) are and have been heavily involved in such efforts, and indeed have
had some successes. Mr. Hill's accusatory remarks, repeated several times,
that he "hasn't heard any discussion whatsoever" about these issues prove
only that he isn't listening or doesn't really care. His remarks on this
litigation gratuitously and unfairly insult the current Board of Selectmen
as a whole and its individual members, particularly the three who are his
ostensible target, who are trying very hard to find a remedy for the
citizens of Wayland to an unfortunate situation not of their making. Not
only were Mr. Hill's remarks demeaning to the BOS and its individual
members, they are needlessly quite dangerous to the possibilities of success
for the benefit of Wayland's citizens. My brief remarks -- outburst, if you
prefer -- to the effect that I have rarely heard so much nonsense in such a
short period of time were directed to this aspect of Mr. Hill's screed. The
only apology advisable is by Mr. Daniel Hill to the BOS and its individual
members and to those Wayland residents he would recklessly mislead and, in
fact, injure by his own mindless irresponsibility. Before he deigns again to
launch intemperate personal attacks, it would be well if he knew what he is
talking about. His irresponsible and nasty attack deserved immediate
challenge, however brief. No apology here.

I feel modestly certain that, upon consideration, you will agree.



P.S. If you have their e-mall addresses, please forward a copy of this reply
to Mr. Hill and Mr.Smith.

-----Original Message----- From: Benjamin Downs
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 10:55 AM
To: Edward J. Collins
Cc: selectmen@wayland.ma.us
Subject: Your comment last night


I was watching the public comment at your meeting last night and your
comment to a member of the public was incredibly disrespectful. The
Board of Selectman used to be a group that was held in high esteem your
action has tarnished that reputation. You should publicly apologize.


Ben Downs