I found the letter to the editor in the Town Crier posted by Mat Leupold, Old Connecticut Path entitled "Nothing nefarious about vote" to be particularly enlightening. The full text of his post can be found at http://www.wickedlocal.com/wayland/t...kington?zc_p=3 , but the segment of the post that spurred me on to start this thread is excerpted here (emphasis added by me):

The matter before the five selectmen had solely to do with how they want to run the town. Their constituencies are the voters who elected them. No one was blindsided. A subtle wording of the agenda item averted a mobilization of extraneous voices that would have had no place in the discussion.

There it is in black and white. The three selectmen (yes, I know Mat says 5, but clearly it was the BO3) are meglomaniacs who will run this town THE WAY THEY WANT TO. I always thought that elected officials performed their duties at the pleasure of the constituencies who elected them, and clearly, the apathetic majority has learned a valuable lesson about what happens when you allow the noisy minority to select our government officials. You get officials who do what they want, town sentiment and best interests be damned.

I am also not surprised at the second highlighted comment that states that people who are opposed to immoral procedures (I really want to say illegal, but I know that certain lawyer wannabe readers would tear me a new one for that) are extraneous voices that would have had no place in the discussion.

Thank you Mat for clarifying what is really going on here. As shocking and disgusting as these comments are, at least you had the integrity to be honest and say what's really going on.

Time to remove the BO3 from the board.