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So... Jeff....

I wonder why you chose to break your welcome silence now? I would hope that the commentary offered by thoughtful people like Jeff and Kim would elicit responses to the issues, not personal attacks. Personally, I've been trying to understand why the BO3 think that they can get away with what they did without any repercussions, but I'm at a loss. Your missive did however provide me with some insight into what might be going on here.

The town clearly has at least two diametrically opposed viewpoints - let's just say "yours" and "mine" for ease of discussion purposes. You believe that it's "OK" to do whatever you want, as long as it fits your agenda. I on the other hand, am looking to the communities interests, and taking a broader view that would allow Wayland to grow and continue to provide an excellent place to live, raise your family, and generally enjoy life. The BO3 clearly falls into your belief category, and the facts speak for themselves. These are the same facts that you refuse to acknowledge or discuss, but would rather scathe the people that point them out. I guess I should just consider the source, and treat it appropriately, but at least I now have some inkling as to why the BO3 did what they did - they just don't care about Wayland, and are in their Selectmen positions for purely puerile reasons. Perhaps you should consider running for the board? Oh wait... you did run for School Committee back in '09, didn't you? How'd that go? Well, who knows, maybe the noisy minority (see how I worked that back in again?) will vote you in this time.

I can only hope that the $20,000+ per year that I donate to Wayland to provide me with a safe town, good education, and a fiscally responsible BOS isn't being abused as badly elsewhere in government as the BO3 did in this case. I can think of a lot of things we could do with several hundred thousand dollars rather than feed the egos of 3 minority nay-sayers, elected by a duped electorate (transparency? really?).

I think maybe I'll visit our fantastic Town Center for dinner tonight. Can't wait for more shops to open.
Just came back from the Town Center. Really glad it is part of our town (and I always enthusiastically supported it).

At least I've done something, Carl, besides lurk behind a keyboard and spout nonsense. Hope you're enjoying the view from the back row behind the MAJORITY in town. It certainly hasn't done anything to improve your ability to understand how I think or what I believe, even though you claim to know. Maybe someday, if you ever took the time to meet and/or get to know me, then you'd be qualified to give an opinion. Until then, blather on....