The following is a public document submitted to the Board of Selectmen. I post it to encourage public comment on the content.

To The Board of Selectmen

Joe and Steve, do you truly want to work together as a board or do you want to work on turning public opinion against your 3 colleagues? Do you truly want to bring the town together, or are you more interested in regaining power? In both cases, to the casual observer, it seems like the latter.

The bullying I saw again tonight from Steve and Joe towards the other 3 members was just disgusting. Rather than try to work with your fellow board members, you continue to try to fan the fire and turn the public against them. Your incessant need to relate everything that came up back to the events of August 26 and your constant interruptions when Tony was trying to talk, your insistence on spending more money on this so that you can use that as further proof of how poorly it was handled, all point to a very transparent and very unseemly effort to show your 3 colleagues in a bad light. The underhanded politics at play here are shameful. You've made a mountain out of a molehill and are deliberately fanning the fire to pump up the Friends Of Fred in the audience.

As patient as the other 3 have been with all of this, I would encourage the Chair to put a stop to it. It's impossible to conduct a meeting when two board members are continually ranting and raving and then looking out to the audience with
self satisfied grins as they get the thumbs up from a few supporters. The arguing, the shouting over each other, the ganging up on the other members is all out of order and makes for a very dysfunctional committee.

The complaints filed against Tony are for show. You know that. It's a complete charade intended to fuel the faux outrage. They'll never fly. There will be no fine. Kimmy's complaint is theatre, nothing more.

No matter how poorly you think this thing was handled, it's over. You can't undo it. It's time to move on and work together. Please wrap up this foolish dog and pony show and get back to work.

Thank you,

John Flaherty