The following message was sent out by Mary Ann DiNapoli with the subject line "Message from Selectman Doug Leard" for John Senchyshyn on behalf of Doug Leard to Town employees and board and committee members on Thursday morning.

The intro is from John Senchyshyn:

Hello All,

On Wednesday afternoon I met with Doug Leard regarding a number of transition related issues. Following our meeting, Doug forwarded me the email below and asked that I share it with employees and board and committee members. Please share this correspondence with your staff and fellow board and committee members.

I appreciate your help in distributing Doug’s message.

John Senchyshyn
Interim Town Administrator/HR Director
Town of Wayland

The message John is forwarding from Doug follows:

Good morning John.

John, thank you for meeting with me yesterday afternoon. As I indicated to you, I would follow-up our conversation with this email. Although I am sending this email using my title as "Chairman of the Wayland Board of Selectmen," this email comes from me only. I have not spoken to any other Board members.

John, as I have stated previously, the actions taken by the Board of Selectmen on Monday evening were the most difficult for me. I ask you, on my behalf, to please assure ALL town department heads and town employees that the actions of the Board of Selectmen this past Monday evening, in my opinion, are in no part reflective of any personal motivation to make town employees uncomfortable. I want all town employees to enjoy coming to work, feeling comfortable, ready, willing and able to work without the fear that their job or important projects may now be the focus.

When I ran for office in 2012 I emphasized my desire to bring more unity to our town. As a single volunteer for the Town of Wayland I have always tried to do my best. I know the decisions I have made are welcome by some and condemned by others. That comes with the position and I am willing to accept that position. When I sit in my chair on Monday evenings, I remind myself that I am not making decisions just for Doug Leard, and I am not just making decisions for the people that have graciously elected me, but I am making the best decisions I can for all Wayland residents; with the best information I have as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

Please, to the best of your ability, circulate this email to all parties we discussed and convey my continued support for the Town of Wayland and all its employees.

Respectfully submitted,
Douglas J. Leard