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    Default Crowdfunding Education

    In an earlier thread, I speculated that corporations might fund schools in return for preferential access to high-quality students upon graduation. Here's an even more radical funding model.

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    I've heard many people say that the increasing cost of higher education won't be sustainable. The only fault I find with this sentiment is that it really isn't sustainable today.

    The numbers don't add up for me, and I'm better off than many. Something has to give.

    Setting aside the question of whether students get an appropriate education from the colleges they attend, I don't think there's any arguing with the importance of the degree in terms of finding higher-paying work.

    I've also heard many people talk about putting themselves through college. Anymore, the math doesn't really work. Let's take an in-state school such as UMass, which costs on the order of $20k/year. At $10/hour and without factoring in taxes, a student would have to work full-time over the course of the year to break even on what they pay the institution. Do we really want students focusing that much of their attention on something other than learning?

    All of that's a long-winded way of saying that I like the Upstart idea. For the detractors, is it really any worse than student loans? At least with the Upstart model, those taking lower paying jobs pay a lower proportional amount. My main concern would simply be the lack of enough investors.


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