I was very pleased to see this post a few days on the Town Crier site.

They also wrote this Editorial on the topic,

and Julia Spitz wrote this column about it.

This sort of commenting policy is precisely what we have had in place on the WaylandeNews Forum almost since we first opened the forum (and also on the main website as soon as I figured out a good way to do it). I have no doubt that the quantity of comments at the Crier site will go down, but the quality will go up. I applaud the move; it's very brave particularly since it will almost certainly cost them hits.

Our onsite commenting requires a Facebook account, while the Crier's also allows LinkedIn. That's an improvement over ours. I am looking at plug-ins that will enable expanding login options, but I will only use one that requires named accounts. I hope to have something working this week.

WaylandeNews welcomes the conversation - whether it's on our main website, on this Discussion Forum, or on Facebook. Please join in!