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Thread: Just for Fun: A Town Meeting Comparison

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    Default Just for Fun: A Town Meeting Comparison

    Southborough had its Town Meeting yesterday. Here is their warrant:

    How many excruciating nights did their Town Meeting take? One.

    and here's a more detailed live blog:

    Just thought it might be fun to do a comparison against other Town Meetings.

    If you have info on other town's ATMs, post it here.

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    Here's another I found: Westford. Interestingly, they had their Town Meeting all day one Saturday. Here's their warrant and their results.

    Warrant and related documents
    Brief results
    More Detailed Results (with timing for each article)

    Number of Articles: 28
    Total time: 7 hours and 40 minutes (including a break for lunch and an award presentation)

    Not short, but all done in one day. An interesting approach.

    In contrast, Acton looks to have had a marathon event going (not so much compared with Wayland though)

    Their warrant lists 57 articles:

    And the Patch has recaps of the first two nights:

    Not very detailed. Definitely makes you appreciate Brooklyn Lowery at the Wayland Patch!

    Their warrant indicated they go on consecutive nights:
    Quote Originally Posted by Acton 2013 Warrant
    The Annual Town Meeting will begin on April 1 at 7:00 PM in the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School Auditorium. Town Meeting is then expected to continue on additional consecutive nights.

    Want to watch? It's available online here, and there are about 10 hours recorded total.


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