I have been asked by a subscriber to disclose that I have endorsed Gordon Cliff for Selectman. I have made no secret of that, with a Cliff sign in front of my house (regrettably, as I loathe lawn signs), a letter to the Crier (which apparently did not make it onto its website) and an endorsement on our Endorsements page (along with many other members of the public endorsing any one of the candidates, including the complaining subscriber’s endorsement of Tony Boschetto).

I have to wonder why I am singled out for special treatment. I don’t “control” what goes on the website or in the newsletter any more than our other editors do (I am one vote of three). Is it because I don’t agree with his views? Does he criticize folks who have written for WVN or the two sitting Selectmen and the School Committee member who have publicly endorsed the same candidates that he has?

Well, I certainly hope that he does not criticize them. They have a fundamental Constitutional right to express their personal political opinions, as I do. One of the reasons why this right is important is that there is so much emotion involved in its exercise that it can drive people to attempt to suppress its exercise by others.

If the subscriber is concerned about our Thursday newsletter that made mention of the controversy surrounding Mr. Boschetto’s campaign, Mr. Boschetto drew attention to that himself with his Patch column; and there was a substantially similar entry in the Crier written by one of his supporters as a letter to the editor.

If anyone has any public documents or meeting videos relating to any of the candidates that contradict their stated positions, they are welcome to post links to them in this forum. I will certainly support noting them in our next newsletter and will pledge to advocate that to the rest of the editorial board. We endeavor to treat everyone the same.