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Thread: As a matter of fact, I DO really want the Wayland that Tony and Donna will bring.

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    Default As a matter of fact, I DO really want the Wayland that Tony and Donna will bring.

    Here's why:

    • Tony's & Donna's experience, expertise, and qualifications shone through exceptionally well at Candidates' Night. The difference between Tony and Donna and their respective opponents was just staggering. I strongly encourage ALL residents to visit Tony's and Donna's home pages to view the videos of Candidates' Night to better understand their superior qualifications for these boards. Tony's and Donna's highlights appear at the top, but the full BOS and SC talks with both candidates, appear at the bottom of their respective home pages.

    It's time for a change. Many people have come to think of the BoS as an old boys' club. With the exception of 2 new members last year, even though some of its members have changed over the last decade, it has been a revolving door of friends, and friends of friends of the same people. We need new blood, new ideas, diverse opinions.

    Tony's wife works for Wayland Public Schools and has an endorsement letter in today's Crier.

    • School Committee member Ellen Greico has endorsed Donna Bouchard for School Committee, and Tony Boschetto for BOS

    • With 6 kids in Wayland schools between them, they care passionately about the schools. In spite of the spin and the lies and the misleading information flying around by those who just can't stand the idea of losing power, Tony & Donna do NOT advocate level funding, they will NOT slash the school budget, they will NOT cut services.
    That has never been their goal, and shame on those who perpetuate that lie.

    • On the contrary, they have actually saved teachers' jobs and more.

    • Donna's watershed moment came when the schools laid off 7 teachers. At that point, she hadn't even yet learned that the same year, the school had a surplus of $1.2M. The abysmal accounting that led to that and many other faux pas within our schools and town is what they want to correct.
    The status quo doesn't see a problem here.

    • Tony & Donna have attended scores of meetings over the last few years, not only of the boards for which they're running, but of several others, as well, including FinCom.
    Their opponents have rarely been seen at meetings. To confirm this for yourself, check the minutes from the SC meetings

    • Both Tony and Donna were named MetroWest Daily News “Person of Distinction” (2011)

    • Both Tony and Donna received Wayland’s Lydia Maria Child Award for Outstanding Public Service

    • Tony & Donna have spent hundreds of hours of their own time researching and analyzing the budget, meeting with Dr. Stein, making recommendations and working with the schools to improve efficiencies.
    Their opponents have not.

    • Tony & Donna have been regular active members of Town Meeting - speaking and petitioning Articles for the betterment of the town.
    Their opponents have not.

    • Donna found an account of $500,000 that was off the general ledger. No one knows who authorized this or what it was for.
    We would not know about this if not for Donna's efforts.

    • Between them, Bouchard & Boschetto have positively influenced the town financially by well over $7,000,000 - finding accounts no one knew about, money in the wrong accounts, off ledger accounts, ..... and without cutting any services.
    Their opponents have not.

    • They brought the $6M of pre-mature OPEB contributions to light.
    If they hadn't, we still wouldn't know about it.

    • It is troublesome, to say the least, that Tony's opponent has built his platform on the shaky concept that everything in Wayland is fine, and we should Keep Wayland Strong. The Abrahams Reports have proven what many in town have known for years - that the accounting has been abysmal.

    • When Tony's opponent cautioned that Tony and (sitting BOS members) Doug Leard and Ed Collins would take us in a different direction, I felt like jumping up and screaming, "YEAH!" Because that's exactly what we need. We need to move away from indiscriminately throwing money at problems, unaccountability, and blatant disregard for the Open Meeting Law, and instead move towards a streamlined, open, transparent, accountable, inclusive government that welcomes diverse opinions and input, rather than marginalizes them.

    • Both Tony and Donna's opponents have indicated that they will keep the status quo. That is not what we need. You don't get better, you don't get stronger by maintaining. You can't "Keep Wayland Strong" and expect that "strong" will automatically lead to "stronger". The very word "keep" suggests otherwise. We don't want to "keep". We want to progress. We want to move forward. And we want to fix issues, not pretend they don't exist.

    These are some of the reasons I support Tony Boschetto and Donna Bouchard.

    If you've made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read these ideas. In spite of the spin and fear and doubt that is sure to follow this post from the resident bully and a few old SOS leaders recently pulled out of retirement to scream that the sky is falling, I encourage all voters to look past the noise and the fear and the rhetoric. Don't take my word for it. Visit Tony's and Donna's websites and make an informed decision.
    Thank you.
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