Has anyone else read the lastest WVN posting regarding the Town Center / Raytheon Cleanup efforts? The article is long, filled with scary sounding chemical names, and seems to imply that the developer is acting in a secretive and dangerous fashion to press on with construction of the center in spite of the numberous health hazards posed by the contamination on the site. Not being a chemist, and not being a lawyer, I'm disadvantaged when reading what Molly Upton claims to have written. (If she really did write it, then I am surely impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge!). Can someone who isn't Molly please explain to me what the current status of the site is, what steps remain before construction can begin, and what the risks that the site poses might be? It would certainly be a shame if we went through all the pain and suffering imposed by the opposition to the Town Center only to discover that there really is a good reason not to build it!