In a July 20 letter to the Wayland Town Crier, Kent George uses the relatively innocuous sounding word "conjecture" to describe his mean-spirited and wholly unfounded attack on a host of people.

Quote Originally Posted by Kent George

I have been wondering for a while why the state auditor’s office would refuse to do an audit of Wayland’s School Department. It doesn’t seem logical especially when the auditors’ website proclaims an “important function of the division is to serve as a resource for cities and towns. Communities, by vote of the governing body, can request an audit of any local municipal program, contract or vendor.”

Article 28 on the warrant for annual Town Meeting was passed on April 23 of this year and subsequently the Board of Selectmen followed up on that vote by formally requesting an audit of the School Department. Almost immediately a letter to the Board of Selectmen from the auditor denied the request.

However I recently learned that a key political figure in Wayland is now the chief of staff for the state auditor, Suzanne Bump. Jonathan Saxton, Democratic Town Committee president and campaign manager for State Rep. and former U.S. Senate candidate Tom Conroy, D-Wayland, was recently appointed to the position.

Just wondering if some current or former School Committee members used some clout with Tom and/or Jonathan to derail the audit request? Or was someone just embarrassed to be part of the string of school and town finance operation problems and wants it all kept under the rug? Pure conjecture on my part, of course.

No answers yet … stay tuned. – Kent E. George, Indian Dawn
I responded with the following comment:

According to a press release issued by Wayland Police Chief Irving on June 18 and posted by (, Wayland suffered a rash of car break-ins. Kent George has a car.

Just wondering if Mr. George might have been the perpetrator? Pure conjecture on my part, of course.

Kidding aside, baseless accusations of the sort Mr. George fabricates here are reprehensible. If I'm not mistaken, this was the state auditor's SECOND refusal to perform the requested audit, the first such request having come well BEFORE Town Meeting. Perhaps the promptness of the second response was made possible by their already having made a first response?

And for the record, not only did I (a former School Committee member) NOT use any alleged 'clout' with anyone, I don't know of any current or former School Committee members who did. Mr. George should be ashamed of his wholly unfounded attack on Shawn Kinney and other School Committee members both past and present. The same goes for Mr. George's smears of Suzanne Bump, Tom Conroy, and Jonathan Saxton.