Got this from Alan Reiss (answers are from Horizon Towers, who controls the Reeves Hill Cellular towers)

1. Which carriers are now active on the Reeves Hill Tower and which are not...
Cingular, T-Mobile and Sprint/Nextel are on air as far as we can tell. We know their antennas are up and we saw their electric meters all running last Tuesday evening when we stopped by.

2. Can you elaborate any timeline for all carries (specifically) to be online?
We have agreed on terms with Verizon and have signed our jointly negotiated lease. We have been told the lease is being signed by them this week. We understand they would like to be on air as quickly as they can schedule their team to construct their shelter.

3. The pre-existing tower, has it been taken down? and 4. If not then when?
We had been waiting for Verizon to finalize their lease as we expect they will use our contractor for the installation of their antennas with a large crane - it has been scheduled for the same contractor to dismantle the old tower at the same time they install Verizon with one mobilization. We are hoping and expect that Verizon will give the go ahead at the time they sign the lease.