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Thread: Do Schools Begin Too Early?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DHBernstein View Post
    We're discussing start time, not class size, but out of curiosity how does doubling class size cut PPE by a factor of 4?
    It doesn't. Careless error on my part. I must not have gotten enough sleep. [grin]

    Quote Originally Posted by DHBernstein View Post
    You don't know how much educational benefit you'd be sacrificing, and you've given up on attaining the maximal benefit before getting started -- a classic self-fulfilling prophecy.
    As have you. In Post 19 and 26[/URL] of the "Schools/Prisons" thread, you wrote (emphasis added):

    Quote Originally Posted by DHBernstein
    We should start with what we know to be optimal for educating our nation's children - in all dimensions, not just "start time" - and strive to get as close to that as possible given the limits of physics and current technology.
    It appears that we may have different definitions of "optimal." Yours is limited to (or nearly so) educational benefit, whereas mine more broadly looks at how that benefit fits within broader societal considerations such as cost.

    Quote Originally Posted by DHBernstein View Post
    Your analysis is limited to the traditional funding model, and neglects the massive financial benefit that would be generated by educating all students to their full potentials.
    Again, guilty as charged ... of being practical. During the decade-plus when I was involved in education, I sought to implement improvements, not just dream them. Don't get me wrong, the dreaming of them is critical, but if we can't get them in the "classroom," well, I guess they just look pretty sitting on the bookshelf.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on an alternative funding model and how our leaders will get us there. While I'm waiting, I'll just sit and watch Congress fail to do something as simple as let wrong-headed tax cuts for the wealthy expire.
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