Of course, I'm referring to Kim Reichelt, whose poetic observation was captured thusly by Wayland Patch's Brooklyn Lowery in her live blog (8:51) of the meeting.

Quote Originally Posted by Brooklyn Lowery
Reichelt: FinCom is right now a "hot topic" in town, so many people might apply. Long-term that may not prove true. "May not be the hot sexy job" in the future. [emphasis added]
Ms. Lowery then went on to issue what might be the understatement of the year in describing Ms. Reichelt's oration as "might be the quote of the night" (8:52). If finer words have been spoken publicly in Wayland during my 18 years living here, I had the bad fortune to miss them.

And as for the board in question, clearly, my timing was off. Back when I was on the Finance Committee from 1995 through 2000, the nonetheless important work was distinctly of the pedestrian variety.