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Thread: Is Electronic Voting not working properly, or is something else the matter?

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    Question Is Electronic Voting not working properly, or is something else the matter?

    36 people voted last night against passing over an article to Pay Previous Fiscal Year Unpaid Bills when there were no previous fiscal year bills. Does this suggest the electronic voting isn't working properly, that there are 36 people who will just vote against anything, or that people get confused and misvote?

    That vote was 247-36, so records show that 13% of voters wanted to NOT pass over that article. If these were mistakes (either voter misunderstanding or electronic voting not working), that's a very high rate of error, higher than sometimes decides a vote.

    What is the issue here?

    If you had to distribute them, how would you guess the 36 votes allocate?

    (1) Voter error (voter hit the wrong button by accident)
    (2) Voter misunderstanding (voter did not understand what they were voting on)
    (3) Electronic Voting error (voter hit "1" for "Pass Over", but system logged a "2" for "Do not pass over")
    (4) Voter willfulness (voter will vote against anything without valid cause)
    (5) Something else (please suggest what)

    I considered asking for a teller audit after this vote. Do you think we should have one if there are more votes like this in the future?

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    No idea how to apportion the 36 "nay" votes. I don't remember exactly what a "teller audit" is, but it sounds reasonable to do what we can to audit the system from time to time.


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