Today afternoon, I received an email from Wayland Voters Network drawing attention to changes made to the proposed FY13 Operating and Capital Budget. The factual information is on this website -

In a space of 6 months, since the STM, the changes to the property tax burden have been remarkable - we had no increase in FY12 and as of now, a 4.55% reduction in 2013.

I have sincere appreciation for Donna Bouchard, Tony Boschetto and Kent George, who are working tirelessly on our behalf. All of us may not agree with their intentions but we should definitely commend them for raising an alternate point of view.

I also wish to commend the FinCom for expressing willingness to listen and also agreeing to some of the changes. This is a welcome change.

I was surprised to find a lot of activity regarding the upcoming ATM in the letters to Editor @ and that richness of debate was missing in this forum.