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Thread: Romney's VP choice?

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    Default Romney's VP choice?

    No time like the eve of Mitt Romney's victory in the Florida primary to start speculating on his choice of running mate. I suggested to a friend several fairly obvious but not particularly compelling options: Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie. For geographic reasons, Christie is probably out from the start despite his close ties to Romney and his apparent (but not tested) appeal to the Tea Party right. And enough time may not have passed to make Bush attractive. Pawlenty's early exit likely rules him out. Of the four, I'd think Santorum, but my four isn't all that exhaustively thought out.

    My friend countered that he expected Romney to steer clear of white males regardless of the state that they're from. His suggestion: Condoleezza Rice. She'd be a brilliant pick, I think.

    Who else?

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    The choice of a Vice-President was based on the following factors:

    a. Unify the party - usually your primary rival is selected. Examples are George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, etc.

    b. Identify a weakness and move to shore it up. Examples are Joe Biden (Washington experience and White), Dick Cheney (Foreign policy), Al Gore (need to win Southern states).

    Historically Vice-Presidents have been future candidates and they usually lost. George Bush was lucky to run against Michael Dukakis. The two most recent Vice-Presidents have not been future candidates. There will be a lot of pressure on Mitt Romney to not select a future candidate.

    Mitt Romney is not a traditional Republican Nomineee, as he is from New England and a Mormon. Also being a Governor, he is naturally lacking in foreign policy, defense, and Washington experience.

    Based on the above weaknesses, I feel safe in rejecting all non-mainstream candidates (women, east coast, west coast, and minorities) and Governors (both current and former). Therefore the choice comes down to White Senators from Midwest and South, with at least 10+ years in the Senate and less than 70 years of age.

    Going through the list of current Republican Senators, the choices are:

    a. AL - Jeff Sessions (weakness - no foreign policy & anti-gay)
    b. AZ - Jon Kyl (weakness - no foreign policy & immigration)
    c. WY - Mike Enzi (weaknesss - no foreign policy & close ties to energy)

    Because the above list is so small, I will add Lamar Alexander, John Thune, Lindsey Graham, and Jim DeMint.

    In my opinion, it will either be John Thune or Lindsey Graham.


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