It was just a chance conversation, going about our daily lives at the end of this summer. While organizing senior pictures for our daughter with Janet Wolbarst, we got into a discussion about my brother Phil, his wife and brand new baby daughter. We just happened to mention that they were staying with us in Wayland, having a difficult time as victims of hurricane Irene and forced to leave their home in Vermont. Without a momentís hesitation, Janet offered her services, then put together the Web Blog and organized a relief effort through for my brother and his family.

We are so very grateful for Janetís wonderful act of random kindness. We are inspired and can not express enough thanks and appreciation to all of you who took time of your own daily lives to deliver these thoughtful gifts to our doorstep. Everything will be used to help my brother and his family or will be donated to others that have been devastated by hurricane Irene up in their Vermont community. Phil Nardini, Sermin, and Mila also asked us to wish the best of everything always to each of you for your selfless generosity.


Terri and Kevin Donlan
11 Highgate Road
Wayland, MA