We have upgraded our forum software to its latest version to enable a number of security improvements and other usability enhancements.

If the site appears oddly on your computer, the first thing to check is which "style" you are using. Check the drop-down at the left side of the very bottom of the page -- you should not have selected vb4 Default Style or VB3 style-incompatible. We may install additional themes, but for the moment, the one you should be using is "Green SEO Fixed Width". This should be the default for everyone, but it's possible individual users may have set that differently. The other styles simply don't work.

Also, we have added some Facebook connectivity. A few notes about that. If you hit the blue Facebook Connect button at the top of the screen, it will ask you about sharing lots of information -- you can say "Do not allow" to that, and still link the accounts. We cannot figure out how to have it not ask for this information - information that we neither need nor want. Just "Do not allow", but then on the next screen enable the link. (No big deal if you do allow it - we won't use it for anything anyway, and we don't even know how to access it!) This will let you login in the future with your Facebook account, and should you choose, you can "Like" posts and add posts to your Facebook wall.

Using the Connect feature won't do anything extra - it won't add you to our Facebook page (though we do encourage you to join!). It's just there for your convenience.

If you have any questions about or problems with anything new, please email us.