This article about cuts to Latin in Newton appeared online today. Incoming superintendent Paul Stein is quoted in the article explaining the rationale for the cut:

But Paul Stein, deputy school superintendent, said Latin is the only program that can be cut from the middle schools without having to hire teachers back to teach during the extra class time. Latin is an elective at the middle schools.

I hope similar thinking won't travel into Wayland. Latin is the foundation of many modern languages, and the language for people who want to develop their language skills. It is a language in which Wayland has traditionally excelled, and one I hope it will continue to offer.

I've heard Latin as a potential cut on the chopping block before, but I hope it will survive our economic problems in the years to come. If it's not succeeding in enrollment numbers, then it's a problem either of marketing or of making the classes exciting enough. [If we end up in a position of having to make a cut, I offer up French.]

(BTW, truly terrible spell-checking on this Wicked Local article! C'mon guys, it's just not that hard!)