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Thread: Please Vote for Beth Butler for School Committee

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    Default Please Vote for Beth Butler for School Committee

    I prepared a Letter to the Editor relating to the election for publication in tomorrow's Crier, and unfortunately, it won't be published because I foolishly missed the deadline. Hopefully, I can reach a bunch of the Crier audience by publishing it here. So, here goes.

    There are five people running for several positions on the School Committee. As is many times the case, one can drive through the various neighborhoods in Wayland and immediately see from the political signage that Wayland is a very divided town from a political standpoint. It seems that you are either on one side or the other, with no middle ground. And, if the political signs on the lawns are any indication, it is no different for the races for the School Committee this year. Fortunately for our town, Beth Butler is one of those 5 candidates. I have known Beth for many years, and not only is she an intelligent, diligent, caring and thoughtful person, but, most importantly, she is an independent thinker who is not affiliated with any group or any agenda, other than to do that which is in the best interest of the residents of the town and its children. By now, anyone following this election should know that Beth was a Massachusetts Superior Court Judge for many years. It is one of the most prestigious and respected positions that an attorney can attain. I can tell you that she was extremely well regarded as a judge in the legal community, being known as fair, thoughtful and open-minded. In my opinion, it really doesn’t get any better than that. I strongly believe that it is crucial that we have people on the School Committee like Beth, particularly in these difficult and controversial times. It is a mistake to vote for a candidate on the basis of a single issue or in reaction to a single action that the School Committee has taken in the past. Whatever decisions have already been made, the town will continue on and there will be new issues to confront that no one has even thought of yet. I ask you to join me in voting for Beth Butler for School Committee, as she is the type of person who will be able to provide us with the leadership and thoughtful decision making that we will need when we confront these future issues.
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