While looking at the Mass Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website,
( http://finance1.doe.mass.edu/statistics ) I found some interesting information on the average salaries of teachers over the past several years. For FY07 Wayland was $64,037, Weston was $70,617, and Wellesley was $69,784. Three years later in FY10 the data was Wayland: $83,865, Weston: $79,051, Wellesley: $73,927. A 31% increase in 3 years for Wayland (FY10 is the latest data available on the website). Thus in FY07 we were about $6,000 less than those other towns and three years later we were $5,000 more than Weston and $10,000 more than Wellesley. If we had been able to keep average salaries in line with those other towns (based on around 200 teaching positions at the time) it would have freed up about 1-2 $million that could have been used for reducing class size, improved curriculum, and/or tax reduction.
It is important that whoever is elected on April 5th that the full School Committee looks into how other neighboring towns seem better able to control average salary cost while maintaining high quality school systems.
I also believe that historical and projected average salaries should be presented to the town as part of the budget presentations and discussions.