The whole world is now re-evaluating their nuclear power plants during the nuclear reactor crisis in Fukushima Japan. Thorium reactors would bring savings, safety, and new jobs at all levels to abundant energy production. India and China had already been pursuing Thorium-based reactors.

Anyone know if we're moving on this?

"New Age Nuclear" by Tim Dean, in Issue 8 of Cosmos, April 2006:
"Nuclear energy produces no greenhouse gases, but it has many drawbacks. Now a radical new technology based on thorium promises what uranium never delivered: abundant, safe and clean energy - and a way to burn up old radioactive waste."
> "What if we could build a nuclear reactor that offered no possibility of a meltdown, generated its power inexpensively, created no weapons-grade by-products, and burnt up existing high-level waste as well as old nuclear weapon stockpiles? And what if the waste produced by such a reactor was radioactive for a mere few hundred years rather than tens of thousands? It may sound too good to be true, but such a reactor is indeed possible, and a number of teams around the world are now working to make it a reality. What makes this incredible reactor so different is its fuel source: thorium."