As Wayland’s representative on the Minuteman Regional Task Force, I would like to inform your readers that the Minuteman Administration and the towns that send the most student to Minuteman (like Arlington) would like to amend the Minuteman Agreement, which dates back to June 16, 1970, by reducing their share of the capital costs that Minuteman allocates among its 16 member towns at the expense of the wealthier towns like Wayland, which send fewer students there. They propose to do so by allocating one-half of those costs on the basis of the “equalized evaluation” (wealth) of each town rather than basing that allocation on the number of students that each town sends to Minuteman as provided in the current Agreement.

Wayland’s representative on the Minuteman School Committee, Mary Ellen Castagno, and I have opposed the amendment proposed, because (among other things) it would increase Wayland’s share of Minuteman’s capital expenses by 50% (from $73,286 to $108,857 per year). While this increase represents a small component of our budget (we send eleven students to Minuteman), it will represent a much larger portion of our budget, if Minuteman succeeds in getting the approval of its member towns to spend the $60,000,000.00, more or less, that the Administration hopes to spend to “renovate” the school, even if the Commonwealth participates to the extent of 40%.

C. Peter R. Gossels


Administrator's Note: coverage of this proposed amendment is available here: