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Thread: One half donut for thousands of cars

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    Default One half donut for thousands of cars

    Wayland Voters Network said in its recent e-mail:

    "Judi Barrett of Community Opportunities Group estimated that
    the shopping/condo/office complex would bring the town about
    $500,000 a year more than the alternative, a 200-unit
    condominium development."

    Assuming approximately 4,375 households in Wayland, thatís 31 cents per day per household. That will get you about half a donut.

    Other estimates have predicted that years from now we will be $700,000 better off annually. That would be much better, 44 cents per day per household. I thing we might be over one half of a donut.

    Who would want the increased traffic for 32 cents per day or even 44 cents?

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    Default At least we would have a choice as to where to buy the half donut

    I think that the traffic data presented by the traffic consultant was flawed and (as admitted by the consultant) intentionally biased to exaggerate the increase. Without additional commercial development in Wayland the taxes will be born solely by the residents of town. With the introduction of the town center we will have not only a place to go that is convenient and according to the developer modeled on a beautiful location but will have some resources to deal with our already existing traffic problems.

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    I had to chuckle at some of the wording in the Traffic report (which has been duplicated in anti-Town Center pamphlets) -- the 1000% increase in traffic from the proposed project. That item compares the incremental traffic of the Town Center with the incremental traffic of an office park on a Saturday.

    Here's the text:
    "During the Saturday daily and Saturday midday peak hour intervals, the number of trips associated with the 2006 MUOD is expected to increase substantially over the fully re-occupied office building use (>1000% increase)."

    Well, that's a ridiculous comparison. If an office park generates virtually zero traffic on a Saturday or Sunday, then a 1000% increase over that is still insignificant. Why the consultant saw fit to make this comparison is a question in my mind.

    In addition, as a friend of mine put it, this isn't a Town Center proposal, it's a Town off-Center proposal -- the grocery store traffic wouldn't be new to the intersection of Route 20/Route 27 -- all that traffic already goes to Whole Foods or Sudbury Farms.

    In any event, I thought Dan Mesnick's piece in the Crier was very compelling - ultimately it is not the number of cars that matter, but a roadway's ability to deal with them.

    Further, some people keep talking about these proposals as choosing between the two evils of a Town Center or a 40B. Frankly, I'm excited about the prospect of this Town Center.

    I'm hoping the pedestrian/bike path can ultimately be extended to the town lines. This is the sort of thing that could really make change for the better for the town.

    I'm sure the debate on Wednesday night is going to be interesting.

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    Default Is the donut now half full?

    Where was that 'donut a day' philosophy when people were so adamently against saving our services? Suddenly monies under a dollar are now not seeming like so much!!! And to think, we had to fight for giving up that donut a day so we could save our schools and public services!! While out spreading the good word to save our services, quite a few people yelled at me that I was taxing them out of town, I guess I should have just told them it was only a donut a day!

    We are trying to save our community services....and I, for one, am not too proud to sell a donut a day in order to do so....PLEASE vote yes to support the zoning bylaw for our town center.


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