I respectfully disagree with Ms. Melnicove's 12/9/2010 Town Crier request that Wayland slow its expenditure on educational technology.

Quote Originally Posted by Margo Melnicove
Deny any request by the School Committee for funding for school technology in the next fiscal year. Since fiscal 2001, Town Meeting has appropriated $3.15 million for school technology. Lets give the new superintendent and the School Committee a year to assess what we already have and what we truly need, and come up with a long-range plan for school technology that is necessary, efficient and affordable.
Such technology is one of relatively few bright spots on the education and especially education funding horizons, with real potential to both improve outcomes and lower costs.

As many with very different viewpoints have argued, Wayland's expenditures over the last decade have not been sufficient to keep up with its technology plans, which can be found at www.waylandschoolcommittee.org (see 4/25/2010 posts one and two). These plans and their implementation continue to be thoughtful in intelligently allocating insufficient funding across infrastructure, hardware and software for teachers, and hardware and software for students.

The idea that we should put technology on the sidelines while a new Superintendent comes on board is curious indeed. Ongoing infrastructure upgrades would not be able to be implemented, causing a reduction in service. Obsolete computers would not be able to be replaced, causing a setback to our already modest position. New approaches to instruction would not be able to be piloted, causing unnecessary delay. Putting technology on hold makes no more sense than putting instruction and curriculum on hold, in large part because the reality is that you can't separate any of the three from the other two without tearing the fabrication of education itself.

I encourage those interested in learning more about Wayland's measured approach to education technology to attend a Technology Task Force meeting (generally, the first Wednesday of each month) and/or contact Technology Director Leisha Simon for more details.